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umutambyi Gad

Name: umutambyi Gad

Profile: Junior Software Engineer

Email: umutambyig@gmail.com

Phone: (+250) 781 780 307


HTML5 95%
CSS3 85%
JavaScript 80%
Python 85%
Django 80%
Flask 76%
Java 60%
About me

I'm Humble, Curious, Passionate, Empathetic jonior Software Developer from Rwanda.

I've been programming since I was a little kid on behalf of courage of my senior Software Engineer uncle and really loved it. I joined Software Development in high school, bootcamps and many online courses to elevate my skills. I'm also both open source and technology enthusiast and other relevant to programming.

I introduced on C and C++ first but after I felt in love with Python and Django for web development and once Java came around I crushed on it to and start to learn it by days and nights and still


I offer Information Communication and Technology related services and solve real world problems and many more.

Interview guidance

I help people on their interviews especially those related to Programming, Cyber security, SEO, and many more

Website Development

I design, develop well optimised and organised web application and maintain it properly

Coding As Services

I develop websites, mobile applications, embed systems and we also automate boring stuffs through programming

Responsive Design

I develop a custom web that is visually appealing, easy-to-use, optimized and mobile-friendly

Cybersecurity Services

I protect network and data from malicious attacks by deploying a variety of methods, firewalls, anti-virus, and more.

Digital marketing

I work on SEO for different kinds of websites to make it appear on available and accessable through search engines


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Above are the list of my blogs that I tried to give out some help and explanations on particular subjects so far

Web deployment

How to set cloudinary API for media storage

Many free hosting services' storage system are ephemeral like Heroku and so on means are not best suited to hold media files. Here I'll show every step of how to set up cloudinary storage API